Getting Around

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Embassy Suites Hotel

Located at 200 Delaware Avenue in Downtown Buffalo.

Metropolitan Transportation Center

Located at 181 Ellicott Street. A series of bus stops are located around the nearby perimeter of North Division, South Division, Washington, and Ellicott Streets. As noted in the descriptions, each stop accommodates a separate set of designated routes.

11 Colvin & 25 Delaware


A. Southbound

Standing on Delaware Avenue outside the hotel, both 11 and 25 will take you to (A) City Hall and Niagara Square, one of the focal points of Joseph Ellicott’s Radial Street Grid.
Beyond the square will take you to Church Street, where you will be within eastern walking distance from the (B) Louis Sullivan Guaranty Building (140 Pearl Street) and the (C) Ellicott Square Building (295 Main Street).

B. Northbound

On the opposite side of Delaware Avenue across from the hotel, both routes can take you to (A) Mansion Row, starting with the Delaware Avenue Row Houses near Virginia Street. Further north past Gates Circle, you will see to your right the formal entrance to the (B) Forest Lawn Cemetery (1411 Delaware Avenue, at West Delavan Avenue). North beyond West Delavan will take you to (C) Delaware Park, Buffalo’s premier park designed by Fredrick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux. Both routes can also be accessed near MTC at North Division and Ellicott.

20 Elmwood

Go behind the hotel to South Elmwood Avenue to go northbound. 20 Elmwood can also be accessed at North Division and Ellicott.
Explore the rich beauty of two of Buffalo’s West Side neighborhoods: (A) Allentown and (B) Elmwood Village. Elmwood stands as one of Buffalo’s model shopping districts.
Beyond Elmwood Village at Forest Avenue will take you to several cultural and educational venues: (C) Hotel Henry at the Richardson Complex (400 Forest Avenue), (D) Buffalo State College (1300 Elmwood Avenue), the (E) Burchfield-Penny Art Center (1300 Elmwood Avenue), the (F) Albright-Knox Art Gallery (1285 Elmwood Avenue), and the (G) Buffalo History Museum (1 Museum Court at Nottingham Terrace).

3 Grant

Go behind the hotel to go northbound at South Elmwood Avenue. 3 Grant can also be accessed at North Division, and like 20 Elmwood, will take you deep into Buffalo’s West Side neighborhoods.
(A) The Grant-Ferry Marketplace, a prime example of urban density development, is rebranding itself as an international marketplace. Travel further north to Amherst Street, you will enter the (B) Black Rock neighborhood, notable for its military history centered on the Scajaquada Creek.

4 Broadway

Board 4 Broadway at the Metropolitan Transportation Center. Past Lafayette Square will take you to Broadway, one of the main arterials of Buffalo’s East Side.
Once you get off at Fillmore Avenue, absorb the architecture of (A) Little Polonia, weaved with beautiful cathedrals and civic centers, as well as the Broadway Market (999 Broadway) a block east from Fillmore. If you take the bus further to Memorial Drive, a short walk south will lead you to the (B) Central Terminal (495 Paderewski Drive), which makes its presence known throughout the neighborhood.

24 Genesee

Board 24 Genesee at Ellicott between North and South Division Streets to explore more of Buffalo’s East Side. You will see historic storefronts and cathedrals with a trip down (A) Genesee Street, one of the arterials of the Ellicott street grid that was once the original New York Route 33. Get off at Fillmore Avenue, where a short block north will take you past Best Street into (B) Martin Luther King Park, an Olmsted Park with a unique history of three separate incarnations!

7 Baynes-Richmond

Board the 7 Baynes Richmond at the designated bus stop at North Division and Ellicott Streets. After travelling through Allentown, you will reach (A) Symphony Circle, one of
the gateways into the Olmsted Parks System. As one of the designated streets in the park system, Richmond Avenue will showcase the grand architecture weaved through a lush row of elm trees, including colorful cottages and front gardens on the nearby Little Summer Street.

Continue north on Richmond and get off at West Utica Street. A couple blocks west on Utica will take you to (B) Five Points, an up-and-coming neighborhood driven by its community-oriented business development.

16 South Park

Board at the designated stop at Washington between North and South Division, where the main route will take you to South Park Avenue. Travelling past Cobblestone, you will see the working class neighborhoods of the (A) Old First Ward, complete grain elevators, service bridges, and other components of Buffalo’s industrial heritage.
As you travel deep through South Buffalo, you will reach (B) South Park at the southern tip of the city limits. This Olmsted Park features the Arboretum and the Botanical Gardens.

40 Grand Island & Niagara Falls

You can travel to the Falls by city bus!
Board at North Division and Ellicott. You will travel on Niagara Street through the West Side, Black Rock, and Riverside neighborhoods before leaving the city limits. You will then travel through Tonawanda, Grand Island, and the city of (A) Niagara Falls to the beloved natural wonder of the Falls itself.
More information about Niagara Falls can be found at the Niagara Falls USA Visitors Center (10 Rainbow Boulevard).

Bus Fares

Standard fare is $2.00 for each one-way trip. Day passes are $5.00, which covers transfers and a round trip.

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